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Member Mail 6 / 2024
june 7 2024
SEV-GATA GM on 27 June in Zurich: Friendly Reminder – Please Register Immediately Dear Colleagues This year, our General Meeting (GM) will take place at...

Member Mail 5 / 2024
may 28 2024
SEV GATA General Meeting, 27 June in Zurich Swiss: Implementation Rules for TC Swissport: Compensation for Inflation Capped? New Trusted Representative Dear...

Member Mail 4 / 2024
april 24 2024
GATA: 20 Years as Part of SEV, the Largest Transport Workers' Union in Switzerland Dear Colleagues The aviation department “Groundstaff Aviation Technics...

Member Mail 3 / 2024
april 4 2024
13th OASI Pension: Successful Trade Unions Lower Insurance Premiums, Higher Salaries! – Labour Day 2024 and Popular Vote on 9 June New GATA Trusted...

Member Mail 2 / 2024
february 28 2024
Company Bosses Are Leaving You Behind, But Your Union SEV-GATA Has Your Back! Dear Colleagues Swiss CEO Dieter Vranckx takes off his hat after only three...

Press Release of 23 February 2024
february 24 2024
Departure of Swiss CEO Dieter Vranckx The trade union SEV-GATA draws an ambiguous conclusion and calls for making Switzerland a stronger location for the...

Member Mail 1 / 2024
january 25 2024
2024 – Social Partnerships Put to the Test! Petitions at Swissport ZRH & Swiss Anniversary: Contest and GM Dear Colleagues While aviation is recovering...

Member Mail 14 / 2023
december 14 2023
2023 - A Year of Ups and Downs: Let's Fight for Fair Wage Negotiations Together! Dear Colleagues The aviation sector recovered extremely quickly. The labor...

Member Mail 13 / 2023 – Swiss-Special
december 4 2023
Wage Negotiations With Swiss: Update! Dear Colleagues The response from you, the Swiss employees, was impressive. We all share the fair and justified...

Member Mail 12 / 2023 - Swiss-Special
november 27 2023
Hundreds of "Red Cards" Against Swiss's Wage Policy! Dear Colleagues Within just a few days, many of you working at Swiss have reacted to the Swiss...

Reminder Member Mail - Swiss Special
november 16 2023
Swiss: Protest Note - Sign for Fair Wage Increases Now! Dear Colleagues Swiss's behaviour during this year's wage negotiations was unacceptable (see Member...

Member Mail 11/2023 – Swiss Special
november 10 2023
Record Profits and Barely Any Compensation for Inflation? Red Card for Swiss –  We Want Fair Wage Increases Now! Dear Colleagues Although the staff...

Happy Birthday SEV-GATA
november 7 2023
In March 2024, the aviation ground staff union will celebrate its 20th anniversary as SEV-GATA.