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Swiss Employees’ Protest Note: Red Card for Swiss – Fair Wage Increases Now!

Although the staff made sacrifices with a "crisis CLA", Swiss implemented mass layoffs, passed on the costs and risks of the Covid-19 pandemic onto employees and the public (short-time work and federal guarantees). Swiss is already shining with record profits.

Our message for Swiss was very clear: "Now, it's the employees' turn." For the year 2024, the trade unions demanded a general wage increase of 5% with a base contribution of CHF 250, respective adjustments of the wage bands and additional funds for developments within the wage bands.

In a first round of negotiations, Swiss offered 0% (!) as a general wage increase and 1.8% individually, in a second 1% generally and 1% individually ... bearing in mind an expected inflation rate of around 2% – the increases in health insurance premiums were not considered at all.

Swiss defied our request to return to the negotiations with a decent offer with yesterday's cancellation of negotiations and unilateral communication: wage adjustment without full compensation for inflation!

Furthermore, Swiss has the audacity to praise the 1% increase in the employer's contribution to the pension fund as a great concession on their part, without mentioning that based on the Covid savings package, the risk premiums were reduced by 1.75% in favour of the employer and now only 1% of this is granted to employees.

The staff have been making sacrifices and delivering top performances to this day to ensure a successful "ramp up" and to tackle the current travelling frenzy.

Moreover, the Swiss public saved our airline twice. Lufthansa subsidiary Swiss must finally grant employees the respect and appreciation they deserve, they must receive a fair share of the airline's success in the form of a decent wage increase for the year 2024. By signing the protest note, you are showing Swiss the "red card" with the following message: "This is unacceptable; fair wage negotiations with the trade unions must be resumed immediately.

From the point of view of SEV-GATA, Swiss's behaviour is an insult towards all employees! Do you agree? Sign our protest note by downloading it as a PDF (click) – or sign it online right here:

Link to download the protest note as PDF (to print out and sign):



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    Benny Stjernmo 10/11/2023 12:23:51

    Auch Bonus sind weniger und 2022 keine Xmas und Neu Jahr bonus wann dienst arbeit