In July 2000 GATA was founded by dedicated Crossair Groundstaff workers. The original «home union» of Crossair with approx. 100 members had essentially one objective: A Collective Labour Agreement for ground staff.

It was now a question of representing the concerns of 2500 colleagues. But the GATA-committee was soon overburdened by the complexity and effort of the work done as a sideline. Therefore GATA was looking for a strong partner, who was found in Swiss Railway and Transport Association (SEV), the biggest transport union in Switzerland.

On March 1st 2001 SEV and GATA signed a three-year-co-operation treaty, leaving a large amount of autonomy to both partners. Moving closer together was a success, and already in April 2002 a collective labour agreement (CLA) could be signed with the newly founded SWISS.

On expiry of the co-operation treaty GATA was successfully integrated into the SEV in March 2004. At the same time GATA had been extending its activities to other members and companies other than SWISS. At the same time GATA is expanding its sphere of activities to members and companies outside of SWISS, having reached a further benchmark by the integration of PUSH members from 1st July, 2017.

July 2000GATA (Groundstaff Aviation Technics and Administration) founded by members of Crossair
April 2002GATA signs 1st CLA with SWISS
March 2004GATA successfully integrated into SEV
30 September 2004SWISS cancels CLA for ground staff
28 October 2004General foundation meeting of SEV-GATA
14 March 2005Protest Campaign: Over 400 people put up a fight against SWISS’ plans to cut jobs and against a deteriorated CLA
31 March 2005Agreement with SWISS: CLA-level maintained and improvements negotiated
2005SEV-GATA celebrates 5-year anniversary since GATA was founded
Nov./Dec. 2005The campaign in protest at the wage talks broken down resulted in several hundred protest signatures altogether
2007Signing of 3rd CLA with SWISS
2008GATA demands supporting measures in the event of outsourcing SWISS Technik to LTSW
September 20091st CLA signed with LTSW
February 2010LTSW announcing mass layoff in Basle
March 2012LTSW cancels CLA by end of September 2012 and announces massive job cuts
April 2012Parts of SR Technics relocated to SWISS
December 2012SWISS takes part in equal pay dialogue, contract signed
2012SWISS takes over Engine Shop from LTSW
February 2013LTSW closing down for good in Basle, 60 staff affected, 29 taken over by SWISS, CLA could be renewed and social plan applied
May 2013New SEV-GATA logo disclosed at general meeting
December 2013SWISS cancels CLA for ground staff by 30 June 2014
2014SEV-GATA strengthened, dozens of new members
2014SEV-GATA celebrating its 10th anniversary since it was integrated with the SEV
July 2014Renewal of SWISS CLA for ground staff
May 2015SWISS closing down operations at its main base in Basle. The 24 employees affected are guaranteed jobs in Zurich. In case of emergency the social plan plus will be applied.
October 2015New shift regulations come into effect at SWISS. Moreover, thanks to the intervention of the social partners the measures, shifting AML-license renewal costs over to the employees, were dropped.
2016SWISS bursting with success, successful within the Lufthansa Group, plans expansion of the fleet. SEV-GATA claims expansion of ground staff as well.
2017SWISS CLA negotiations. The existing CLA is being further developed.
July 1st, 2017SEV-GATA integrates PUSH staff association with about 500 members.