A dozen reasons for becoming a member

  • SEV-GATA fights for better working- and employment conditions
  • SEV-GATA negotiates collective labour agreements (e.g. Swiss Int. Air Lines Ltd.)
  • SEV-GATA advises you in problems at work (shift plans, working hours)
  • SEV-GATA gives you legal protection at work
  • SEV-GATA represents you in political matters
  • At SEV-GATA you can meet people with the same kind of interest
  • At SEV-GATA you can become active as a representative, in the committee etc.
  • Thanks to SEV-GATA you can make holiday on more easy terms (reduced Reka-Checks, holiday organised by the unions)
  • SEV-GATA gives you internal further training and Movendo
  • SEV-GATA informs you by our periodical kontakt.sev, regular member mails and our website
  • SEV-GATA gives you financial support and a loan if you are in difficulties
  • SEV-GATA makes your life easier with private legal cost insurances, SEV-insurances, privileges in health- and property insurances as well as various shopping reductions

A membership is definitely worth while! You can join in for a monthly membership fee of only CHF 18.40 (reduced fee for retired members CHF 9.20).

Please apply now and help strengthening SEV-GATA. For further questions please contact: .