Member Mail 11/2023 – Swiss Special

Record Profits and Barely Any Compensation for Inflation?
Red Card for Swiss –  We Want Fair Wage Increases N

Dear Colleagues

Although the staff made sacrifices with a "crisis CLA", Swiss implemented mass layoffs, passed on the costs and risks of the Covid-19 pandemic onto employees and the public (short-time work and federal guarantees). Swiss is already shining with record profits.

Our message for Swiss was very clear: "Now, it's the employees' turn." For the year 2024, the trade unions demanded a general wage increase of 5% with a base contribution of CHF 250, respective adjustments of the wage bands and additional funds for developments within the wage bands.

In a first round of negotiations, Swiss offered 0% (!) as a general wage increase and 1.8% individually, in a second 1% generally and 1% individually ... bearing in mind an expected inflation rate of around 2% – the increases in health insurance premiums were not considered at all.

Swiss defied our request to return to the negotiations with a decent offer with yesterday's cancellation of negotiations and unilateral communication: wage adjustment without full compensation for inflation!

Furthermore, Swiss has the audacity to praise the 1% increase in the employer's contribution to the pension fund as a great concession on their part, without mentioning that based on the Covid savings package, the risk premiums were reduced by 1.75% in favour of the employer and now only 1% of this is granted to employees.

The staff have been making sacrifices and delivering top performances to this day to ensure a successful "ramp up" and to tackle the current travelling frenzy.

From the point of view of SEV-GATA, Swiss's behaviour is an insult towards all employees! Do you agree? Sign our protest note:

SEV-GATA is fighting for your dignity! Are you with us?

Kind regards
Philipp Hadorn, President

SEV-GATA, your union in the aviation industry!
Philipp Hadorn, President GATA: SEV-Aviation
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