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Departure of the Swiss CEO

Press Release – Dieter Vranckx: SEV-GATA draws an ambiguous conclusion and calls for making Switzerland a stronger location for the aviation industry

Yesterday night, Swiss announced that after only three years as the Swiss CEO, Dieter Vranckx will be transferred to the parent company Lufthansa. He will become vice-president of the Board of Directors and thus continue to have a say in Swiss' fate. While the airline's communications department considers the "Vranckx era" to have been a positive one, the SEV-GATA ground staff union draws a more ambiguous conclusion, especially in terms of personnel management.

Swiss CEO Dieter Vranckx was responsible for some fatal miscalculations during the pandemic, and the quality of the social partnership has not been able to develop further during Vranckx's term of office. © Swiss

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