Member Mail 2 / 2024

Company Bosses Are Leaving You Behind,
But Your Union SEV-GATA Has Your Back!

Dear Colleagues

Swiss CEO Dieter Vranckx takes off his hat after only three years. Markus Binkert, Chief Financial Officer, is also leaving the company. In our press release on 24 February, SEV-GATA draws an ambiguous conclusion to Vranckx's performance. The shock of the unnecessary mass layoffs during the pandemic, which was evidently based on grave miscalculations, is still lingering in our bones. Many colleagues ended up in a precarious situation, paired with bitter disappointment. The layoffs resulted in staff shortages during the "ramp up" that remain challenging in various departments.

Swissport Zurich responded to our petition stating that our request for fair wage increases as of 1 January 2024 can only be examined after the financial result of 2023 is confirmed. We will stay on course!

SEV-GATA Is on Your Side!
We have your back. Do you have concerns or information about current issues concerning the social partnership or are you unsettled by all these changes at your employer?
SEV-GATA listens, gives advice, and is the right place for your concerns!

For colleagues of Swiss on Friday, 1st March, 2024,
Regula Pauli, union secretary and Philipp Hadorn, president & union secretary will be with you at the following times together with a workplace representative or a member of the staff commission:

08:00   Break Room Hangar 3
09:30   Felfel Room Line B
10:30   U7 Warehouse
11.30   T14, Theory Room 4th floor (Training Centre)
13:30   Break Room Hangar 3

For colleagues at Swissport Zurich on Friday, 8th March, 2024: further information is to follow.

For colleagues at Geneva Airport by appointment: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

For colleagues in Basel by appointment: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

We are looking forward to informative discussions and friendly encounters!

SEV-GATA fights for justice, for the interests of our members, for your interests, against all resistance. Already a member? Membership pays off many times over, offering a bouquet of individual and collective benefits. Seize the opportunity and talk to us!

Kind regards

Philipp Hadorn, President

SEV-GATA, your union in the aviation industry!
Philipp Hadorn, President GATA: SEV-Aviation
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