Member Mail 2 / 2021

  • SWP Geneva: Proof of Fact Mandatory
  • Swiss: Voting and Elections
  • Support for the Aviation Industry

Dear Colleagues

The economic situation is worsening, also in aviation. The recovery we have hoped for has not yet occured, the international harmonization of measures is stalling, and the airlines have thinned out their flight plans to an all-time low. The launch of the vaccination campaign is brightening the horizon only slightly.

SWP Geneva: Proof of Fact Mandatory 
Our colleagues at Swissport Geneva are still in an unregulated situation, which has launched a whole chain of events. The members have rejected a result that our negotiating delegation considered a difficult, yet justifiable compromise. It is now imperative for employees to provide evidence of their mobilization in a manner appropriate to the level of escalation and force Swissport Geneva to make further concessions. We wish the responsible negotiators perseverance and success. Employees from Basel or Zurich must still consistently reject offers for assignments in Geneva. This is legal and you are not obliged to accept Swissport's offer. Breaking a strike is a betrayal of our colleagues' legitimate struggle to maintain their working conditions. They deserve our unconditional solidarity. Unfortunately, a team from Zurich has already been spotted in Geneva.

Swiss: Voting and Elections 
A quick look at the internal and external situation of Swiss confirms: With our moderate, temporary cost-cutting measures for ground staff, the quality of working conditions in our area can be secured in the long term. With a YES to the "Crisis CLA" (cf. Swiss Special Member Mail from February 2, 2021) we can secure the CLA 2018 at the current level until the end of 2026 without risking any experiments with unregulated situations and with clearly regulated social plan benefits. As announced, the link for voting will be sent to those entitled to vote on Monday, February 22, 2021, and will be valid for 48 hours.

Together with the AHV, the pension fund is a cornerstone of economic security after employment has ended. To date, not a single member of the foundation council of the "Swiss Vorsorgestiftung für das Bodenpersonal" is governed by the CLA for ground staff. Our member Martin Höfler, born 1976, is running for the open by-election in "Circle 1". As a member of the Peko and subordinate to our «CLA ground staff», he knows the perspective of our members. We recommend our colleague Martin Höfler to be elected and are ready to support him in his important role in an advisory capacity. Nine candidatures have been received for this seat. Those entitled to vote can cast their vote until February 26th. Every vote counts!

Support for the Aviation Industry 
We are very well networked politically as well as in the trade union movement and we are committed to ensuring "broad support" for aviation. Only perseverance with current structures can guarantee that Switzerland will remain "connected" to the world in the future and can fully participate in the economic upturn. Our focus lies on responsible, harmonized facilitation of entering and leaving the country, further extension of the short-time work allowance and, if necessary, expansion of the public aid package for the systemically relevant aviation industry. This time, however, public aid must include effective protection of jobs and working conditions.

While many industries are struggling to fight underemployment, we as a union are overwhelmed with negotiations, inquiries, advice and support. The remote work obligation and other Covid restrictions apply to our team as well, but we will keep fighting for you no matter what. However, we thank you for your understanding in case of delayed answers from us.

SEV-GATA, the union on the pulse of the members, proves itself to you also in the crisis: full commitment for your security and future!

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Warmest regards,

Philipp Hadorn, President

SEV-GATA, your union in the aviation idustry!
Philipp Hadorn, President GATA: SEV-Aviation
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