Member Mail 6 / 2023

Strike at Geneva Airport
Review of SEV-GATA GM
Paternity Leave: Partial Success at SWISS
Field Visits at Zurich Airport

Dear Colleagues

The number of passenger planes in the air is on the rise, the flow of people willing to travel is increasing: Yes, the summer rush is just around the corner! And what does the employees' workload look like? At the front, on the ramp, in customer service … it's difficult.

Strike at Geneva Airport
At Geneva Airport, employees made their opinion public: This is not going to work without better working conditions. Of course, the social partners must respect the protocol regarding the various stages of escalation. In Geneva, it was obviously necessary to set clear signs. Hopefully, it will also be a wakeup call for the other companies at Switzerland's airports to finally implement nationwide improvements in working conditions in this industry.

Review of SEV-GATA GM
On the adoption of the resolution “Enforcing collective working conditions at airports – now!” on the occasion of our Annual General Meeting (GM) you have received detailed information in our last Member Mail 5 / 2023.

During our GM on the spectator terrace of Zurich Airport, Manuela Staub from Zurich Airport presented the reasons for the importance of the runway extension for the further development of aviation in Zurich.

On this day, however, it was also necessary to carry out "honours": Our long-standing board members Andreas Breker and Bert Charles Füller were able to take their well-deserved retirement. Andreas was on the SEV-GATA board for 17 years, Bert for 15 years. In response to this GM, they also wished to resign from the executive committee. They deserve our gratitude. With their committed, prudent and persistent nature, the two trade unionists have played a decisive role in ensuring that working conditions in aviation, but especially at Swiss, have improved in the long term. Thanks to their collegial and social mindset, they were able to raise many concerns voiced by their colleagues. Of course, the two gentlemen remain members of SEV-GATA and I hope that we can continue to welcome them to our diverse activities in the future. Thank you for everything and all the best, Andreas and Bert!

Paternity Leave: Partial Success at SWISS
Per July 1, 2023, the paternity leave at Swiss is doubled from two to four weeks (from 10 to 20 days). This solution is the result of constructive negotiations. It is an important step toward fulfilling the contemporary needs of being able to jointly take responsibility as parents and to build up a relationship with one's own (and adopted) children.

Area Visits at Zurich Airport
SEV-GATA is present among our members. In addition to our Member Mails, contact with our trusted representatives, e-mail, as well as collective and individual discussions, we are also always on site. Area visits of SEV-GATA are planned on:

  • Thursday, 10.08.2023, 2 p.m. – approx. 4 p.m.: U7
  • Thursday, 21.09.2023,2:15 p.m.: LineMaintenance
  • Thursday, 28.09.2023, 2:15 p.m.: LineMaintenance

More visits are being planned and we are happy to respond to further group-specific inquiries. We look forward to exciting encounters.

SEV-GATA, your trade union, fair and consistent in dealing with all social partners as a contribution to sustainable success for safe jobs and good working conditions! Already a member?

We wish you strength and success for the upcoming, strenuous summer weeks!

Kind regards

Philipp Hadorn, President

SEV-GATA, your union in the aviation industry!
Philipp Hadorn, President GATA: SEV-Aviation
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