Member Mail 10 / 2023

Wage Negotiations in Autumn
New Trusted Representative
Granola Bar Promotion


Dear Colleagues,                                                                      

Our autumnal rounds of wage negotiations are in full swing now.

The industry has recovered. Swiss is currently achieving record results and the situation at Swissport also looks promising.

This successful "ramp up" after the drastic consequences of the pandemic could only be achieved thanks to the employees' extraordinary commitment.

These days, we are dealing with drastic inflation, an enormous increase in health insurance premiums and sustainably higher energy costs, which means that a noticeable wage increase is now called for.

We also submitted wage claims to Swissport ZRH and Swiss and the first rounds of negotiations have already taken place. At Swissport GVA, the new CLA has led to remarkable improvements in performance.

Further information on the wage negotiations will follow.

New Trusted Representative

Carmen Hämig was elected by the SEV-GATA Executive Committee as a new member of the Swissport ZRH negotiating delegation. We congratulate Carmen and are looking forward to cooperating with her. We wish her plenty of success in this new role in the pursuit of good solutions!

Phone: +41 43 815 09 35

Granola Bar Promotion

Traditions also change sometimes. Instead of our traditional calendar campaigns, we are launching "granola bar campaigns" this year. These will be distributed as follows:

  • Swissport Zurich: Thursday, 09.11.23
  • Swiss Basel: Thursday, 30.11.23
  • Swiss Zurich, Airside: Tuesday, 12.12.23
  • Swiss Zurich, Obstgartenstrasse: Thursday, 14.12.23
  • Geneva Airport: Tuesday, 21.11.23

Dear colleagues, this year has shown us that despite the recovering economy, it is challenging for employees to receive their due share of the positive economic development.

SEV-GATA continues to fight – for better working conditions with fair wages, suitable shift and working hours and appropriate allowances. It's a rocky road, but we will stick together until we succeed!

Kind regards

Philipp Hadorn, President

SEV-GATA, your union in the aviation industry!
Philipp Hadorn, President GATA: SEV-Aviation