Member Mail 1 / 2022

Swissport ZRH: Postcard Campaign
SwissportGVA: Vote on the Crisis CLA in Progress
Swiss: Back in the Black by the End of 2022?

Dear colleagues

In aviation, we are used to turbulence and volatility. We have lived through the instability (volatility) caused by the Covid measures and have been directly affected by them.

Now it seems that restrictions will be lifted suddenly. This is a ray of hope (!) for the industry and for job security, although protecting the health of employees and passengers must continue to be a top priority in the future.

Swissport ZRH: Postcard Campaign
The crisis CLA at Swissport ZRH demands a lot from the employees. It is a heavy burden to carry. So what's next with this crisis CLA? In a coordinated action, our members were able to communicate their concerns to Swissport management. SEV-GATA, in collaboration with other unions, was able to hand over around 250 postcards to Swissport with unmistakable wishes regarding planning, distribution of work and workload, but also a return to the earlier holiday arrangements and turning away from the crisis mode, etc. Negotiations are being planned (link to newspaper report).

Swissport GVA: Coordination of Crisis CLA in Progress
After difficult negotiations, a crisis CLA is now available for Swissport GVA. The negotiating delegation was successful in fending off various deteriorations or in partially compensating for them.

A contractless state must never be a permanent state for a union. Until February 21, 2022, our members at Swissport GVA can vote whether they accept the result for the time until the crisis is over – combined with a willingness to take combat measures for what is likely to be an even longer period.

Swiss: Back in the Black by the End of 2022?
Swiss exudes confidence. The company will abolish short-time work from the beginning of March 2022, is aiming for a black zero at the end of 2022 … and booking numbers seem to be picking up again.

Getting out of the crisis is good news. The employees have shown great willingness to make sacrifices during this difficult time and they deserve our gratitude. From our point of view, this also includes a rapid commitment to go back to the proper CLA mode. Only safe working conditions guarantee safety for passengers and success!

SEV-GATA will be present in Zurich in the coming weeks and thank the members for persevering through the crisis!

Post-crisis negotiations must ensure that working conditions in aviation finally return to healthy development. We have a real chance here!

Is your colleague already a member? Until June 30, 2022, we will thank you with a double advertising bonus (CHF 100.00) for each newly recruited member – a pleasant bonus for you in difficult times and protection for your colleagues in the fight for fair working conditions!

SEV-GATA is committed, fair and consistent in defending your rights!

Warmest regards,

Philipp Hadorn, President

SEV-GATA, your union in the aviation industry!
Philipp Hadorn, President GATA: SEV-Aviation
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