Member Mail 1 / 2021

  • SWP Geneva: Tumultuous Situation
  • Swiss: Crisis Agreement
  • Standardization of Membership Fees

Dear Colleagues

While the second Covid-19 wave continues to have a drastic impact on our private and professional lives, SEV-GATA is committed to securing long-term jobs and working conditions in aviation.

SWP Geneva: Tumultuous Situation 
For the employees at Swissport Zurich, a pragmatic and cooperative way to overcome the crisis was found after a long struggle. The same is not true for Swissport Geneva, where the situation is escalating!

The fact that Swissport Geneva enforced an unregulated situation, thus violating the recommendations of the arbitration court, led to several meetings, interventions in the Geneva government, and demonstrations.

Our colleagues in Geneva are informed and looked after directly by our union secretary Pablo Guarino. On the part of SEV-GATA, we have assured our full solidarity and support for the colleagues concerned!

Apparently, SWP site managers from Zurich and Basel have called on employees to go to Geneva as strikebreakers if necessary. These requests are strictly to be refused. The right to strike is a fundamental right. Accordingly, an employer may not give any instructions to break a strike. Requests for voluntary action are permitted but may be refused without personal consequences. If SWP exerts any pressure on employees, SEV-GATA must be informed immediately. SEV-GATA recommends strictly rejecting these requests.

Swiss: Crisis Agreement 
With Swiss, it was possible to define appropriate temporary adjustments to the CLA during the crisis in lengthy and difficult negotiations. We have already informed you about the main components of this agreement. But our members still have the final say. On 2 February, 2021, the details of the agreement, information on discussion and exchange opportunities, and precise instructions for exercising the right to vote will be sent out in a special Swiss Member Mail.

Any changes to your email address must be reported immediately. Thank you.

Standardization of Membership Fees 
With the integration of PUSH into SEV-GATA in July 2017, their membership fees have been subsidized by the other union members in recent years. This corresponded to the modalities of the integration contract in order to prevent an excessive increase in the membership fee. From 1 January, 2021, the membership fee for these colleagues (esp. ISS, Priora, Swissport employees) has now been increased for the last time by CHF 3.40 / month (workload ≥ 50%), for part-time workers <50% and retirees by CHF 1.70 / month. This completes the necessary adjustment of membership fees at SEV-GATA.

SEV-GATA, the union on the pulse of the members, will not let you down, even in a crisis!

Recruit members now, receive bonuses, enable participation and help strengthen the trade union movement. Thank you for your loyalty!

Warmest regards,

Philipp Hadorn, President

SEV-GATA, your union in the aviation industry!
Philipp Hadorn, President GATA: SEV-Aviation
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