Speech by Philipp Hadorn at the Protest Meeting on 11 September, Zurich Airport

Dear Colleagues

Thank you all for coming. We've had enough!

Aviation is on the ground. Countries all over the world support their airlines and associated companies. Switzerland has also put together a rescue package for Swiss aviation – it contains 1.9 billion Swiss Francs. As president of the trade union SEV-GATA and a former national councilor, I personally campaigned for this governmental support in many meetings at all levels.

We had clear requirements for financial aid:

  • Maintaining the current company structures,
  • no layoffs,
  • compliance with social standards based on a CLA,
  • no bonus payments for top management, and
  • no dividend payments to shareholders.

But what actually happened? For the most part, the federal government only requires conditions that secure the repayment of the loans and that entice – or even force – companies to undertake savings programmes.

Swiss accepts the federal guarantees, but wants to reduce the need for them with savings packages and get rid of the loan requirements as soon as possible.

Swissport was unable to ensure that federal money would not be used abroad, which in fact meant renouncing federal aid. Swissport now wants to feed its hungry investors’ mouths with their victims.

Both companies are presenting savings packages where 15% of the personnel costs are supposed to be cut. Swiss has recorded gratifying profits in recent years and can hardly prove being in an emergency situation at all. Swissport, on the other hand, already has plans for a rescue company in the drawer.

Colleagues, it doesn't work that way. Many of you have already had their wages cut by up to 20% due to short-time work. With this protest today we are showing these companies the red card.

Red card for suspending promised wage developments 
Red card for lower time allowances 
Red card for increasing weekly working hours 
Red card for poor shift working models 
Red card for even more flexibility 
Red card for reduction of holidays 
Red card for worse old age provisions 
Red card for lower wages

And last but not least: 
Red card for impairing social compensation plans, which provide important social cushioning for all. Termination – in the middle of the crisis. Have they lost their minds? We've had enough!

We are fighting together. 
It's a struggle for dignity, for justice and for fairness. 
It's a fight for your future, the future of your children and of Swiss aviation, so that it may continue to perform well after the crisis with fair working conditions .

You are the proof that our fight together will be a success. Thank you for your commitment and your solidarity – for secure jobs and fair CLA! Stop social cuts | Together against wage cuts

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