Member Mail 7 / 2020

Coronavirus: Exceptional Situation IV – on 1 May

1 May 2020
Swiss: Negotiations in Progress
SWP Zurich: Uncertain Future
Geneva: Positions at the Airport Are in Danger
SEV-GATA: Sustainable Support Package for Aviation
nniversary GM Postponed

Dear Colleagues

We are slowly taking the first steps towards exiting the “state of emergency.” However, we have not yet overcome the health crisis, and there might be a second wave of infections. Thus, we must still strictly follow all protective measures in general and at the workplace.

1 May 2020

There will be no demonstrations or parades on 1 May to celebrate Labour Day. The tradition must be interrupted for the first time in 130 years. But this does not stop us from standing together in solidarity even more. We will never stop fighting for social progress, justice, and human rights. We will celebrate Labour Day online, following the motto: “Solidarity – now more than ever!”

Swiss: Negotiations in Progress

We were able to convince Swiss to maintain wages at 100% despite short-time work until the end of June. At the same time, many other companies in the aviation industry have already made their employees pay for the company’s solvency problems by reducing wages. Changes at Swiss are to be expected, negotiations concerning this matter are currently in progress. Our particular goal is to avoid cases of hardship. After all, a slow “ramp up” of the airline is likely to start on 1 July, which will hopefully reduce short-time work. 

Swissport Zurich: Uncertain Future

Swissport’s economic situation is challenging. Employees who were in their probationary period were dismissed. We are in regular contact with the company.

Geneva: Positions at the Airport Are in Danger

ISS has maintained wage payments at 100% up until the end of April. Starting in May, there will be cuts for short-time work. Swissport Geneva and Engie have started making cuts at the very beginning of the pandemic. Preparations concerning the CLA negotiations with Swissport Geneva are underway.

SEV-GATA – Sustainable Support Package for Aviation

The economy is suffering from the weight of the coronavirus crisis. The effects are particularly severe in the aviation industry, including Switzerland’s.

SEV and SEV-GATA have been fighting on the political scale (National Council and in Parliament) ever since the crisis started. We demand an extensive support package for the industry, which respects the following standards: It must include mandatory CLA, job guarantees, and efforts to further the sustainability of aviation.

Anniversary GM Postponed

The coronavirus pandemic forces us to postpone our anniversary General Meeting. Likewise, the opening of our location, the new “Lindt Home of Chocolate” in Kilchberg, has been delayed. We now plan to hold our GM on Friday, 23 October 2020, starting at 5 pm (instead of 25 June 2020). You will receive an invitation and a surprise to pass the time until we can celebrate our anniversary by the end of May.  

Dear colleagues, let’s stand together in “solidarity – now more than ever.” SEV-GATA will keep fighting for your workplace to have a future with solidarity and fair conditions, rather than allowing it to benefit the rich and the privileged only.

Best wishes

Philipp Hadorn, President

SEV-GATA, your union in the aviation industry!
Philipp Hadorn, President GATA: SEV-Aviation
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