Member Mail 15 / 2020

  • Quarantine Mess: A Catastrophe for Swiss Aviation
  • Swiss: Management Talks
  • Swiss: Peko & Pension Fund Elections
  • Swissport Geneva: Lawful Minimum Wage
  • Swissport ZRH: Information After Next Round
  • Call for Participation

Dear Colleagues

No one knows what the further development of the pandemic will look like. But one thing is clear: The aviation industry is facing dramatic consequences.

Quarantine Mess: A Catastrophe for Swiss Aviation 
We are addressing the Federal Council in an open letter entitled “A level playing field for aviation” (link letter). In unison with the other unions, we demand the following:

a) Uniform basis for Covid testing and quarantine system for European countries

b) Temporary additional measures in case aviation faces a delay in recovery

c) Cross-industry basic training with specialisations to improve opportunities on the job market

Swiss: Management Talks 
Swiss is putting increasing pressure on working conditions due to the corona crisis. This is the reason why our planned negotiation appointment at the end of September was cancelled. We now have an appointment scheduled with the CEO, CFO, and HR manager.

We strongly recommend our members do not accept any voluntary personnel cost saving measures. If there are no guarantees (based on collective agreements with the unions), you still risk layoffs and the loss of additional insurance compensations. We will also discuss questions concerning the implementation of short-time work. We appreciate your informing us about potentially problematic short-time work issues.

At the end of the meeting, we will see how the negotiations will develop in the future.

Swiss: Peko Elections 
SEV-GATA has the opportunity to recommend candidates for the Peko. We need all applications to be submitted by 20 October 2020 so that we can forward them in time before 23 October 2020. This way, we can ensure applications are submitted in time after the necessary adjustments were made. Being a Peko-member is an exciting venture. A certain amount of influence is regulated, but it still takes great effort to ensure that demands are met. If you have any questions concerning the Peko commitment in general, vacancies, etc., Markus Cadosch is happy to answer them for you (Enable JavaScript to view protected content., 079 467 14 63).

Swiss has also released information concerning elections for the foundation board of the pension fund. To our knowledge, no single member of the foundation board is a CLA-governed employee. This state is highly problematic and barely legal. We are taking submissions until 30 October 2020 (see company communication from Swiss). We are happy to support our members with a recommendation. 

Swissport Geneva: Lawful Minimum Wage 
Due to the rough climate in negotiations with Swissport Geneva, we had to call upon the “Chambre des relations collectives de travail (CRCT)” once again. The successful vote for a lawful minimum wage gave us new energy in our ongoing battle for fair working conditions.

Swissport Zurich: Information After Next Round 
Further information will be given after Swissport’s “proof of transparency.”

Call for Participation – Become a Member of SEV-GATA! 
Everybody can join the discussion, but only members of SEV-GATA have the right to vote.

Are your colleagues members of SEV-GATA yet? This time of great need is the perfect opportunity to recruit them to make sure they get all the information they need and because we are stronger together. And in the end, they will be able to have a real influence on their own working conditions.

For every member you recruit, we will thank you with CHF 50.00 (declaration of accession).

SEV-GATA, committed to our members in aviation!

Best wishes

Philipp Hadorn, President

SEV-GATA, your union in the aviation industry!
Philipp Hadorn, President GATA: SEV-Aviation
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