Member Mail 13 / 2020

THANK YOU – Successful Protest Meetings

Dear Colleagues

On Friday, 11 September, we have made history at Zurich and Geneva airport:

Hundreds of aviation employees attended our protest meetings against social cuts and wage reductions. In Zurich alone, approximately 1500 protesters were present.

Thank you for your participation. The number of participants employed by Swissport exceeded our expectations. However, we have not reached our full potential among employees of Swiss and other aviation-related companies.

Clear, loud, and united: Protesters made use of our “red cards” addressed to the companies!

Red card for suspending promised wage developments

  • Red card for lower time allowances
  • Red card for increasing weekly working hours
  • Red card for poor shift working models
  • Red card for even more flexibility
  • Red card for reduction of holidays
  • Red card for worse old age provisions
  • Red card for lower wages

… and last but not least:

  • Red card for impairing social compensation plans

In spite of the fact that Swiss benefits from federal guarantees, the company intends to lower their need for them with cost-saving measures and to get rid of the loan conditions as soon as possible.

Swissport was unable to guarantee that the financial injection would remain in Switzerland and, therefore, had to renounce federal support. Swissport now intends to feed the hungry mouths of investors with your sacrifices.

Both companies now present cost-saving plans, in which 15% of personnel costs are supposed to be cut. Swiss can hardly justify being in an emergency situation, given their high profits during the last few years. Swissport, however, already has plans for a rescue company ready in case the current venture should fail.

Dear colleagues, thanks to your support the companies and the public now acknowledge: This is the wrong way.

Let us stand together and fight for a future in which aviation remains operational as a systematically relevant sector.

Dear colleagues, let us also fight hard in negotiations to maintain our jobs and working conditions.

Dear colleagues, please follow our calls for meetings and protests now and in the future. This is the only way to win our fight and to ensure that aviation remains a powerful sector with fair working conditions after the crisis.

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With solidary greetings

Philipp Hadorn, President

SEV-GATA, your union in the aviation industry!
Philipp Hadorn, President GATA: SEV-Aviation
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