Member Mail 10 / 2020

  • Minimum Wage: Initiative
  • Swissport: Negotiations With an Uncertain Future
  • Swiss: Ongoing Short-time Work
  • SEV-GATA on Site: Consultation Hour in Geneva, Shift Visit in Zurich, Meeting SWP ZRH / GVA
  • Systemically Relevant Companies: Part of Public Service!

Dear Colleagues

Now that the company’s continued existence is secured thanks to the decisions of Lufthansa shareholders, Swiss employees can have a sigh of relief – at least for the moment. However, the situation at Swissport is more difficult.

Benefits in the form of short-time work allowances, unemployment insurance, and further economic aid are the reasons why Switzerland’s aviation employees are in a much better position than those in our neighbouring countries, not to mention on other continents.

Nevertheless, many of our members are struggling to cope with the difficult situation. We go to great lengths to secure and improve your specific situation.

Minimum Wage: Initiative 
When the voters rejected the introduction of a legally binding minimum wage in 2014, they were certainly not expecting the demand to regain as much relevance as it has in the current crisis. In Winterthur, Zurich and Kloten, local minimum wage initiatives run under the slogan: “A wage to live.” Further information and signature sheets are available for download at

Swissport: Negotiations With an Uncertain Future 
Swissport is suffering heavily from the corona crisis. Challenging negotiations are underway in Zurich and Geneva. The CLA and social plan are on the agenda at both locations. We keep our delegates and members up to date with local SEV-GATA INFOS. The situation is serious!

Swiss: Ongoing Short-time Work 
In cooperation with other aviation-related partners, we have made successful efforts for federal aid in favour of aviation. A major Lufthansa shareholder almost blew up the deal last-minute. However, from 1 July, short-time work will have a financial impact for employees: Short-time work compensation will no longer be raised to 100% of Swiss wages. The privilege of the past three months is now lost – a painful development. With skilful negotiations, we were able to at least spare the lowest wages (see Member Mail 9). A foundation will step in on request to pay in recognized hardship cases.

SEV-GATA on Site: Consultation Hours in Geneva, Shift Visits in Zurich, SWP Meetings in Zurich and Geneva 
In Geneva, consultation hours take place on site every Tuesday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. This week we will visit Swiss shift workers in Zurich and hold meetings on the results of the negotiations. Affected members receive detailed information. Those who are not yet members are also welcome to visit and join us!

We listen to you and for you! We stay tuned – for you!

Systemically Relevant Companies: Part of Public Service! 
Even in this crisis, aviation’s enormous importance for our small landlocked country has become obvious. This “systemic relevance” is the reason why we are convinced and successful in ensuring job security in the industry with the help of public support.

In the past weeks we have written to the traffic directors of the three airport cantons, all members of their parliaments, but also the airports and companies: Now is the time to cooperate, to design working conditions with CLA in social partnerships, and to ensure that the services and jobs in these systemically relevant companies remain intact. Patience and further measures are still needed to overcome these dry spells.

Being a member of SEV-GATA is always rewarding – but even more so for new members and those who convince them. Information at /

Together we can do it, together we are strong!

With committed, solidary greetings

Philipp Hadorn, President

SEV-GATA, your union in the aviation idustry!

Philipp Hadorn, President GATA: SEV-Aviation
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