Member Mail 7/2011

Euroairport - safeguard working conditions
Annual meeting SEV-GATA and BAZL 
Swiss Technics  being expanded 
Talks on regulations       
Advertizing campaign: Become the 11.11.11 member star now    

Dear member

No summer lull at the airlines, whose work force has been unionized with SEV-GATA. At Swiss the turnaround seems to have been definitely achieved, and the prospects are good.

Euroairport - safeguard working conditions
Currently signatures are being collected for a petition against changing labour law in the
Swiss sector of the Euroairport. The employees still want to and must be subject to Swiss labour law. SEV-GATA supports this petition. All members and those interested can sign directly online under: The petition may be signed independently of nationality and age.

Annual meeting SEV-GATA and BAZL
On May 27, 2011 the second annual meeting took place with the directors of the “Federal Office for Civil Aviation (BAZL)”. Exchanging ideas with the BAZL delegation consisting of Peter Müller (BAZL-director), Marcel Zuckschwerdt (deputy manager, head of “aviation development department” Luftfahrtentwicklung) and Christian Hegner (deputy manager, head of “aircraft engineering safety department” Sicherheit Flugtechnik) I had the opportunity of leading constructive talks on current projects and requests. The annual meetings will be continued and SEV-GATA will be heard in consultations and statements of particular interest in the future.

Swiss Technics being expanded
In a project called “Manumea” special segments of SR Technics have been moved to Swiss since early April. For Swiss this means a significant staff increase, for SR staff reductions. In a constructive process between the unions and the companies involved practicable interim solutions could be found. “Move to Swiss” might as well suggest to our colleagues (male/female) of SR Technics “Move to SEV-GATA”. Welcome, if you are not yet in a union!

Talks on regulations
Talks related to the new Peko-regulations with Swiss could be successfully settled. Currently we are negotiating with Swiss for shift regulations and loans and with LTSW for Peko-regulations, working-hour regulations and loans .

Advertizing-campaign: Become the 11.11.11 member star now
Our member star campaign is actually running very successfully, in air transport, however, quite a bit timid. Therefore watch out. Take your chance this summer!

The project: members canvassing new members – this is our principle at SEV and exactly this is what the great membership campaign is going to promote. In addition to the 50 Francs of promotion bonus there will be super bonuses for the “SEV member stars” on 11.11.11, to be precise. The one who has been able to win 3 new members since early this year will get a Swiss army knife Wenger Touring 174 or an 80 Francs shopping voucher on top.  For 7 new members a “SmartBox Hotel with Charme” is yours and for 11 new members and more you’ll get an I-Pad 2 or a travel voucher of CHF 600.00. As you can see this year winning new members is doubly worth it. We’ll be pleased to send you our brochures upon request.

On 25 May 2011 we had the opportunity of coming together for our general meeting in Grenchen and gaining an interesting insight into the history of aviation.

Wishing you a nice summertime and hopefully a few days of rest to make you fit for entering into successful pay talks this autumn.

With committed regards

SEV-GATA, your union of the aviation idustry

Philipp Hadorn, president
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