Member Mail 1 / 2023

SWP Zurich: New CLA in Effect
Peko Elections
Swiss: Guidelines for On-Call Service U7
Swiss: Technics Part 1
Swiss: Technics Part 2
Swissport Geneva: CLA Process

Dear Colleagues

Welcome to 2023! The past year has been marked by uncertainty. Today, companies in the aviation sector are under a lot of pressure concerning recruitment. Employees are needed everywhere! Many employers have overestimated how quickly the aviation sector will recover. Some have therefore reduced staff numbers, which is now causing massive problems. The job market is finally on the employees' side again!

Several improvements have been achieved in recent weeks:

SWP Zurich: New CLA in Effect
With some delay, the responsible bodies at Swissport finally ratified the new CLA. Thanks to this result, we were able to start the year with collectively regulated working conditions and a noticeable increase in wages.

Peko Elections
At Swissport Zurich, our member Mersid Rastodar was newly elected as a Peko member in constituency 8. At Swiss, Cédric Steiner and Sandro Strimer have been elected. Congratulations! We are looking forward to our collaboration.

Swiss: Guidelines for On-call Service U7
Guidelines concerning scheduling and on-call service: Now, there are shift exchange options for on-call service and the rules concerning days off and rest periods should now be implemented.

Swiss – Technics Part 1:
Finally, the additional days will be granted in accordance with the original agreement. Discussions on possible adjustments to shift schedules continue.

Swiss – Technics Part 2:
An important step in the wage development of many technics employees: For more than 400 employees, there are supplementary wage increases. These are implemented in retrospect as of 1 January 2023, in addition to the already published results of the regular wage negotiations. All affected employees have already received detailed information on this.

Swissport Geneva: CLA Negotiations in Preparation
We need to negotiate a new CLA and have it ready to be signed by autumn 2023. The planning process is in preparation.

Dear colleagues, this multitude of positive short messages (direct subjects received more detailed information) shows: Joint commitment is worthwhile! The majority of wage results in aviation are well above the Swiss average!

By the way: In December, our 2023 table calendars were distributed for the last time. Nowadays, many people prefer electronic calendars. If you still want to get a copy of the last issue, please  contact Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

With your trust and support, we will be strong enough to face the upcoming challenges in the early year 2023! And if you motivate other colleagues to join SEV-GATA, a real win-win situation arises: Other colleagues benefit from our professional advocacy and you will receive an advertising bonus of 50 Francs. Solidarity pays off!

Kind regards

Philipp Hadorn, President

SEV-GATA, your union in the aviation industry!
Philipp Hadorn, President GATA: SEV-Aviation
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