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Coronavirus premiums and crisis CLA? Swiss CEO Vranckx provokes workforce and trade unions – SEV-GATA goes to court

Dear Colleagues

We are sending out the following press release to the media today. It is our response to the repeatedly insensitive behaviour of the Swiss management:

Swiss Ground Staff

Covid Bonusses: Yes, Crisis CLA: No!
SEV-GATA Goes to Court

Today, Swiss has announced Covid bonuses and variable compensation. This decision has been taken unilaterally and without negotiations with the trade unions, which had long since demanded financial recognition of the extraordinary staff performance during the pandemic. At the same time, the crisis CLA came into effect as of 1 March 2022 and is still being applied, which effectively denies ground staff any Covid premiums and variable compensation. "The management's contradictory behaviour is unacceptable, it is, in fact, a true provocation!", says Philipp Hadorn, President of SEV-GATA. "The implementation of the crisis CLA does not comply with what was agreed upon, which is why we are now going to court."

In particular, the crisis CLA allows for the temporary cancellation of one third of the 13th month's salary and the performance bonus. However, according to the agreement of 29 January 2021, it should only come into effect after the end of the allowed short-time work period, if necessary. "Swiss decided to put an end to short-time work on 1 March 2022, even though it was legally still allowed at that point, which is why the implementation of the crisis CLA was illegal. Therefore, we are now preparing a lawsuit which, according to an expert opinion, is justified and promising," explains Philipp Hadorn.

"Swiss is currently suffering from staff shortages due to miscalculations and the subsequent, irresponsible restructuring. The crisis CLA has come into effect regardless. At the same time, bonuses and variable compensation have been announced, which are at a level similar to the savings potential of the crisis CLA, and all the while expecting gratitude and full motivation from the staff."

It is a pity that Swiss is ignoring the miserable results of the staff satisfaction survey and the warnings of trade unions. The decision now lies with Swiss as to whether it intends to burden itself with legal disputes during the summer holiday season while being understaffed," says Hadorn, who has successfully campaigned with partner organisations for federal support and extended short-time work allowances in aviation during the Covid crisis.

Supported by SEV-GATA, employees are preparing complaints against Swiss concerning the violation of the statutory consultation procedure in the case of collective layoffs last spring.


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Warmest regards,

Philipp Hadorn, President

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Philipp Hadorn, President GATA: SEV-Aviation
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