Press Release, 29 April 2020

Government Support for Aviation Companies

The Aviation Industry Needs Job Security

SEV-GATA, the aviation section of the Swiss Transport Workers’ Union (SEV), appreciates that the government has decided on guarantees for airlines Swiss and Edelweiss. However, we also expect support for companies close to the aviation industry as well as protective measures.

Over ten thousand jobs are dependent on Swiss aviation companies and related businesses, which is why our country must protect these firms to keep them in the country. “Many employees are currently affected by short-time work, several companies are considering staff reductions, and it will take much longer for the aviation industry to recover from this crisis,” explains Philipp Hadorn, President of SEV-GATA. “Therefore, we demanded guarantees from the government, respecting certain conditions, and are pleased with the decision the Federal Council has reached today. Regardless, there must now be regulatory and political measures to ensure the following conditions are met:

  • Ensured maintenance of current structures after the crisis;
  • no dismissal of employees for economic reasons as long as governmental support measures are in place;
  • obligation for all companies receiving support to respect social standards based on a CLA;
  • proven efforts and innovations to develop the aviation industry in an environmentally friendly way;
  • no bonuses for top executives and no dividends for shareholders.

Considering the upcoming debate in parliament, Philipp Hadorn says: “If the government now also designs a suitable support package for companies related to the industry, we will have a strong basis for the future: There will be interesting jobs; air travel will be sustainable and globally connected.”

Further information:
Philipp Hadorn, Union Secretary and President of SEV-GATA, 079 600 96 70

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