Press release from 18 October 2018

Employees benefit from company’s success

1,9% Higher Salaries for Swiss-Employees in 2019

Swiss International Airlines AG is very successful at the moment. The unions have reached an acceptable agreement following the pay talks for 2019: The company’s ground staff will benefit from a general wage increase of 80 Swiss Francs per month (13 salaries per year, at a 100% quota) as well as a 0,6% individual wage increase.

During a time in which variable, one-time wage increases are the norm, SEV-GATA is satisfied with the results of the pay talks with Swiss. “Yearly wage adaptions that compensate for inflation, the return of a proportion of productivity increases to the employees, and an elevation of wage bands are crucial elements of fair wage policy,” says Philipp Hadorn, President of SEV-GATA.

The negotiations were challenging but fair at the same time. Part of the result is that employees are granted a proportion of the company’s success, which will undoubtedly be a plus for the company on the labour market with its constant need for new employees.

SEV-GATA expects the airline to continue rewarding their employees for their work in an environment that is often hectic with corresponding yearly wage adaptions.

“An elevation of the wage bands on a regular basis and fully insured wage components are important pillars of social security, which are also relevant for pensions,” says Philipp Hadorn, who also supports social security as a member of Switzerland’s National Council.

GATA: SEV Aviation (Groundstaff Aviation Technics and Administration) is the aviation sector of SEV, the Swiss Transport Workers’ Union.




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