Member Mail 4 / 2012

LTSW – maximum credible accident
Swiss – equal pay under scrutiny 
EV-GATA General Meeting 
Welcome present for new members             

Dear member                                                  

LTSW – maximum credible accident 
Lufthansa Technik Switzerland (LTSW) is hardly four years old now and its employees are already experiencing the maximum credible accident. It started off with 500 employees in October 2008, and today 265,5 of the remaining 340 jobs are under scrutiny again. Recently the management took the opportunity of terminating the collective labour agreement (CLA) at the next possible date for giving notice, end of September 2012. The answer as to what exactly is requested in the new CLA is still pending.  At the same time the highly praised and long- desired agreement between France and Switzerland of March 22, 2012 for the EuroAirport sector seems to give improved conditions for the social protection of LTSW staff.

SEV-GATA realizes with dismay that LTSW-management has apparently been wrong with all business forecasts and strategies. They didn’t succeed in reaching a good position for the company that had made a good start in a definitely rough market and now signals the maximum credible accident. On March 28, 2012, the Black Wednesday of LTSW, the legal consultation procedure started. Now the important thing is to safeguard the union rights with the aim of “making proposals how to avoid dismissals or to reduce its number and how to ease the consequences” until the end of April 2012.

Backed by Lufthansa group there would be enough potential to make the future of the struggling LTSW successful with new strategies. Your SEV-GATA union can reach as much for you as you are willing to invest by fighting for your jobs. For this reason our present and future members are invited to an SEV-GATA session on Tuesday, April 17, 2012 in the Auditorium of Swiss. Your participation is of crucial importance for the future of your jobs.

Swiss equal pay under scrutiny 
Following the unions’demand Swiss takes part in the „dialogue on equal pay“. In this process the wages of men and women within a company are being compared. Should there be any kind of discrimination found, we’ll  have to take a package of measures to reach payment in accordance with the constitution.

SEV-GATA general meeting 
The next general meeting takes place on June 19, 2012 in Zurich. The supporting programme starts at 15.30 h and at 18.00 h we’ll begin with the statutory issues. Entries will be accepted until June 10, 2012. An invitation will be posted to our members and is ready for download on from the middle of April.

New members get a welcome present         
Did you know that ? Not only the person winning a new member for GATA in 2012 gets a super present. New members 2012 will be offered a gift in addition to the wide range of union services: 12 months multi-legal protection with Coop Insurance(details under ).

SEV-GATA the union fighting for the interests of transport staff!

With committed regards
EV-GATA, your union of the aviation industry
Philipp Hadorn, president
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