Member Mail 2/2010

Bad News from LTSW
Jet Aviation: staff reserved       
Meetings: specific outcome                              
Pensions must be guaranteed                    


Dear members,

The crisis is not yet over. Many of our members are personally facing the severest consequences: being dismissed   
LTSW demands mass layoffs
Outsourcing and starting of the young Lufthansa Technik Switzerland (LTSW) failed. With mass redundancies LTSW wants to become fit for flying again. In an open conversation with an obviously stressed management we were informed that they would master the future by drastically adjusting its capacities.
Cutting up to 95 jobs (FTE) means that about one fifth of its workforce would be dismissed. Thanks to our union commitment a legally effective social plan is available though, absorbing part of the dramatic consequences (extended periods of notice, redundancy pay, to name only a few).
All through the month of February there will be time for consultations as agreed. We are entitled by law to submit proposals preventing redundancies, restricting the number of dismissals as well as softening the consequences. The company is bound by law to consider these proposals conscientiously. 
During the info session SEV-GATA immediately asked the management to agree to following points:
-       Stop layoffs generally (till the end of the consultation process)
-       Stop taking on new staff generally


-       apply social plan to all possible dismissals
-       disclose all other possibilities of cost reduction (except staff costs)
-       use short-time work to minimize redundancies 


During the consultation process we will check further inputs and make our position clear. For more details of the social plan visit our website (


SEV-GATA expects that LTSW and Lufthansa-group accept their social responsibility, check our proposals in a constructive way and guarantee individual solutions in hardship cases. Also they are requested to offer jobs within the group of companies and open new prospects.


All those interested may get in touch with us and help working out our complaints (if you’re interested please mail to: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.)   


Jet Aviation:  Jet Aviation staff reserved
Although we had good talks during our flyer campaign Jet Aviation staff attended our meeting on January 13, 2010 only poorly. Mass layoffs of over 90 workers apparently frightened them more than it got them to become active. In the next few days they will be given another opportunity of getting union support by SEV-GATA.          


Meetings: specific outcome 
This year again SEV-GATA held a New Year’s Apéro; this time in Basle and Zurich. As there was only little response, the committee will consider, whether or not to continue with it. The discussions held have been a good basis for future activities, though.  


Pensions must be guaranteed
SEV-GATA clearly votes against reducing the conversion rate of the pensions (pension fund). We must prevent that the pensions are generally weakened (pension fraud). SEV-GATA recommends to say no in the votes of March 7, 2010:  We want to give a strong political sign against all activities going on to weaken social funds like AHV and Suva.


Please note: New member acquisition is worth it also this year. For each newly-enlisted member you get CHF 50,- thanking you for your commitment to support a strong union movement.



With committed regards,        
SEV-GATA, your union of the aviation industry!       
Philipp Hadorn, president
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