Membermail - june 2009

CLA talks with LTSW started
Swiss CEO: Change going on
National protest rally on September 19: make jobs and pensions secure  

Dear members,

CLA talks with LTSW
Late in May 2009 CLA negotiations started and also the working team "wage system" had a meeting in the meantime. So far LTSW leaders don't really want to develop the 'Swiss CLA' any further.

Regarding the momentary economic situation a far-reaching, cost effective improvement of the CLA is rather unlikely, though. At least in questions of co-determination and CLA-performance there is a chance of proving they really want a social partnership. They have yet to give us a proof.

SEV-GATA expects to be able to submit an adjusted presentation to our members early autumn.

Swiss CEO: Change from Franz to Hohmeister
After the baton change from Christoph Franz to Harry Hohmeister we must establish a social partnership now, allowing solving problems relating to collective labour law based on mutual confidence.

First signals in that direction have come from Harry Hohmeister. A bilateral meeting is planned for early autumn.

For the first time the SEV-GATA membership fee will be deducted directly from your July wages together with the performance costs (except those members who don't want this simplified method and have informed us accordingly on time). It saves you the trouble of transferring the amount each time. (This method of payment adapted to the needs of the members and employees can only be offered to Swiss staff at the moment. For the rest of the SEV-organizations it's the custom.)

National protest rally on September 19: make jobs and pensions secure
'We don't want to pay for your crisis! - Make jobs and pensions secure:" This is the slogan under which all trade unions and other Swiss organizations sympathetic to the unions have called for a peaceful protest. The financial crisis is the consequence of incredible greed for profit, lectured by neo-liberal economists, pushed through by ruthless managers and blindly adopted as a cure-all by non-socialist politicians: This way they have abolished all rules, privatized and liberalized, forced up manager wages and dividends. And now we are in a real mess. The untamed finance markets have driven the whole economy into crisis.

That's why blue- and white collar workers of all parts of Switzerland will take to the streets in Schützenmatte Berne, Saturday, September 19, 2009. More info to follow.

For the coming summer days we wish you not only a satisfactory time at work but also a few moments to relax.

With committed regards,

SEV-GATA, your union of the aviation industry

Philipp Hadorn, President

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