Member Mail april 2009

Urgent: Job quality and special protection in air traffic
Procedure: Economy measures also at LTSW
Future: Christoph Franz going north; Harry Hohmeister new CEO at Swiss
Chance: General meeting 13 May 2009

Dear members,

Urgent: job quality and social protection
ETF, the European Transport Workers`Federation, Civil Aviation Sector, met in Brussels early in April. We have come together from over 20 European countries to analyse the "crisis and consolidation of the aviation industry". Also university speakers from aviation research, IATA, the airline association (AEA) and other lobbyists have also taken part.


The ETF Civil Aviation Section
Calls upon the European public authorities to:

    * develop an European infrastructure policy for airports, airport security and air traffic management as a public service under public control
    * invest in research and development on technologies for a more sustainable aviation industry (safety, environment and health and safety of the employees)
    * revise the Directive on workers’ rights in case of tansfer of undertaking to secure employment when there is a call for tender or a partial loss of activities
    * temporarily alleviate the airport slot utilisation provisions provided that level of employment and working conditions are maintained
    * validate vocational training in civil aviation by public authorities
    * establish a programme, which supports employment, training, requalification, reconversion and lifelong learning for civil aviation employees, which should be mandatory
    * create a Tripartite Committee (Member States, Stakeholders, Commission) to monitor the economic crisis


Requests the European employers’ associations:

    * sign an agreement with ETF to develop joint measures to face the crisis


Requests the authorities and companies at national level:

- adopt regulations to properly protect workers in case of redundancy

- negotiate with trade unions on any issues that may affect employees.


On the occasion of the "Social Dialogue" of the EU in June the poliical issues will be further developed.


Procedure: Economic measures also at LTSW
After Swiss had started a programme to face the consequences of the recession Lufthansa Technik Switzerland has developed such a programme too.

The measures initiated to control costs sustainably are understandable and seem to be appropriate in view of the challenging situation of the year 2009.

Now LTSW should take care that the employees won`t lose their motivation or co-determination, if vacatition and overtime reduction have to be taken by order and that a mutual partnership will stand the test.

When the CLA talks start on 28 May there will be an opportunity of paying a fee to the flexibility of the workers by giving them social security.

Future: Christoph Franz going north; Harry Hohmeister new CEO atSwiss
By electing Christoph Franz for Lufthansa board of directors the mother company pays a fee to his successful restructuring course at Swiss. With Harry Hohmeister an internal candidate is following him as new Swiss CEO. SEV-GATA is confident that the new company manager will continue his successful economic course, at the same time clearly validating the social dialogue by leading fair wage negotiations. We are also confident that he will finally pay the voluntary contributions back ground staff has made to support the restructuring plan. The way this will be done will be of course subject to negotiations


Chance: General meeting on 13 May 2009

SEV-GATA keeps on fighting. The invitations for the statutory general meeting on Wednesday, 13 May 2009, 5 p.m. in Basle have been sent out and are ready for download on our website. New members are always welcome, of course. Please remember the deadline for registration.


Looking forward to exchanging ideas personally with you.


With "committed" regards,


Philipp Hadorn, Präsident

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Please note: con-member acquisition also pays this year. For each newly acquired member you will get CHF 50,-, thanking you for your commitment for a strong union.