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Vote / CLA negotiations LTSW

Dear members,

Many thanks to all those who have taken part in our September 3 meeting. 

We have informed all participants of the above mentioned meeting orally - and after internal discussions in the committee - I will now give you a rough outline of what has been communicated in writing.

 Rough outline of the facts: 

SEV-GATA basic demands

  • Negotiate an up-to-date wage system as part of the CLA
  • Introduce an arbitration tribunal for wage talks
  • Negotiate working hours-/shift work models as part of the CLA
  • Extend specific co-determination rights, collection of membership fees to be taken over by the company and clarify the question whether the employees are legitimately represented by their employer.

LTSW offer:

Basically "status quo" of Swiss CLA with following amendments:

1) Working hours
Introduce flex time without further regulations based on a 41 hour week with a balance of maximum 50 hours minus, provided these hours are ordered by the employer, they are necessary and reasonable. In times of heavy work load these hours must be made up for.

2) Profit sharing model (GBM replacement)
With business running well an adequate profit share may be granted. It is payable as a lump sum in the same amount for all employees (proportionate to working part time, joining and leaving the company during the year). The profit share will be discussed between the two parties of the agreement and communicated together to the staff.

3) Transport benefits
New, exclusively for the members of LTSW after having been granted to the Lufthansa group

4) Unpaid leave for members of LTSW, engaged in making the agreements as union officials, now total 20 days per year only (before maximum 200 days).

Scenarios discussed for further procedure (questions valid for voting):

Scenario 1: CLA-offer must be re-negotiated. I am prepared to accept all activities made by the new action committee to be appointed - putting up with a transitional period without a contract - until all our demands have been met for the most part.

Scenario 2: CLA-offer must be re-negotiated. I am prepared to accept any supporting activities to strengthen our negotiating delegation and to improve the results - putting up with a transitional period without a contract.

Scenario 3: The present CLA-offer may be accepted regarding the current economic situation after minor amendments of the wording and/or the contents.

Your vote must be made by mail to: Enable JavaScript to view protected content. by Monday, 14. September 2009, 10.00 h with following details:

name/first name, *date of birth, *phone number (home and/or mobile) and number of the scenario chosen (* these details are required to check your identity if necessary).

We are very interested in your comments and looking forward to your actively participating in the vote we remain.

with committed regards,
SEV-GATA, your aviation union
Philipp Hadorn, president
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