Press release from November 18, 2020

Personnel Change in Swiss Management

This Is What SEV-GATA Expects From the New CEO

Philipp Hadorn, President of SEV-GATA, the aviation section of the Swiss Transport Workers' Union (SEV), expects the following from the new Swiss CEO Dieter Vranckx:

  • That he do everything in his power to get through the Covid-19 crisis with all employees;
  • that he believe in the recovery of the market, embody this perspective of hope and help aviation use technological advances to become more environmentally friendly;
  • that after the crisis, he and the social partners develop the working conditions for ground staff, because they are currently insufficient;
  • a clear commitment to social partnership on an equal footing and to Switzerland as a location and place of work;
  • social skills and knowledge of the Swiss mentality, including appropriate interaction with employees, customers, the public and politics.

Who are we?

SEV-GATA (Groundstaff Aviation Technics and Administration), the trade union for ground staff in aviation, advocates members from a wide variety of companies such as Swiss Int. Air Lines Ltd., Swissport, SBS, Engie, ISS, etc. SEV-GATA is part of the transport workers' union SEV, the largest Swiss union for employees in the transport industry.

Further information:
Philipp Hadorn, union secretary SEV and president SEV-GATA, 079 600 96 70

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