Media report of may 15, 2012

Staff reductions attended by social measures

Lufthansa Technik Switzerland (LTSW) could not be talked out of cutting more than 200 jobs at Euroairport Basel. During the consultations, however, SEV-GATA was able to reach that additional measures will be taken to support those concerned.

„Unfortunately we were not able to make Lufthansa Technik safeguard jobs in Basel,“ Philipp Hadorn, SEV-GATA president and SEV union secretary regrets. Only a few weeks after the management had given the unions a more or less confident situation report, the announcement of cutting jobs followed late in March. This means that major parts of the Basel based company will be closed. During the consultation procedure SEV-GATA was not able to talk Lufthansa out of making staff reductions. Therefore the union demanded that adequate measures would be taken to help those affected finding new jobs as quickly as possible or to provide that they financially cushioned.

SEV-GATA was able to reach several amendments to the existing Social Plan. All these improvements will ensure that the staff concerned will be advised and supported. “It’s particularly important that it won’t have a detrimental effect on those having reduced their quota voluntarily due to the company’s  difficulties:” Hadorn says. Also it’s guaranteed that all trainees can complete their education with Swiss.

SEV-GATA will continue advising and supporting its members.

Philipp Hadorn