GM SEV-GATA / June 19, 2012

Invitation for the next annual general meeting 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 our annual SEV-GATA general meeting takes place in Zurich. 
Together we want to dig into the „Zubringerdienst zum Flughafen Zurich“ (“feeder service to Zurich Airport”). The project called  “Durchmesserlinie” (“diameter line“) provides the extension of rail traffic to a double track in and around Zurich. Aviation is supposed to benefit from these additionally built capacities, too. The so-called “Durchmesserlinie” ensures better rail connections and new routes for railway customers. On an exciting guided tour around the largest inner-city building site in Switzerland we get detailed background information on the planning and organization of this impressive project. 
Afterwards the SEV-GATA 2012 general meeting takes place in the “Volkshaus“ in Zurich.  After having dealt with the regular items of the agenda we are going to end the meeting with a relaxed get-together over an Apéro Riche. 
We are looking forward to meet you, will you come along?  Please send your entries by mail or by attached coupon by June 10, 2012. All expenses for fares (with half-price season ticket) from your place of work will be reimbursed in a flat sum.

15.30 h Guided tour around the major building-site “Durchmesserlinie“ at the main station in German (Additional programme please tick off on entry coupon – details to follow)  
18.00 h Meeting place in the Volkshaus Zürich
from 18.30 Uhr Apéro Riche

1. Welcome
2. Election of tellers / approval of minutes
3. Annual president’s report
4. Resignations / replacement elections if any
5. Annual account 2011, statement of accounts by
    cashier, budget 2012
6. Outlook 2012
7. Information of the Peco
8. Miscellaneous