Member Mail 3/2011

11-11-11-Member Stars
GM SEV-GATA on May 25, 2011
Looking for SEV-GATA representatives 

Dear Member

11-11-11-Member Stars
Members winning new members: This is our principle at SEV and this is exactly what we are going to promote in a big publicity campaign. That is to say, on top of the 50 Swiss Francs „SEV member stars“ will receive super prizes on 11-11-11. The one who has won 3 new members from early this year until then will get a Wenger Touring 174 army knife or an CHF 80.- shopping voucher, for 7 new members a Smartbox charming hotel and from 11 newly-acquired members the successful member stars will receive an I-Pad 2 or a travel voucher in the amount of CHF 600.-. You see: this year member acquisition is worth it twice.

This year’s general meeting will take place on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 17.45 h in Grenchen. After the meeting we have organised an exciting program. In the cultural-historic museum in Grenchen there is an exhibition running about “80 Years of Flying, Work and Traffic“. We have been able to find a speaker with a wide knowledge in this particular field. Of course we’ll make sure you don’t go hungry!
If you ever want to see a different airport and look behind the curtain, you may join the guided tour around Grenchen airport before the meeting. Please note this date already, a detailed invitation will follow.

Task Description for SEV-GATA representative
Do you want to help strengthening the union movement? We are looking for severel represententatives, who are an important link between the colleagues at work and the union. There is only little effort involved (put up member mails, help distributing information material, win new members, help organising meetings, exchange ideas regularly in an open atmosphere with SEV-GATA), but the effect is enormous. A union needs a wide network of employee representatives to be really present in the companies. Please help us and let us know.

With committed regards
SEV-GATA, your union of the aviation industry

Philipp Hadorn, president /