Membermail August 2009

CLA Negotiations with LTSW started
Swiss CEO: Change going on
National demonstration on 19 September: Secure jobs and pensions

Dear members,

Many of us have enjoyed a couple of nice days of summer vacation. But now we are back to work, earlier than we would have wanted. SEV-GATA, too, is back again in full action taking care of your interests. CLA negotiations, wage talks and exercising an influence on a healthy social insurance as well as a safe old-age pension scheme are on the top list of our priorities. A hot autumn is to come.

LTSW CLA Negotiations
The talks with LTSW turned out to be difficult. Particularly in view of the economic situation LTSW is not prepared to answer our justified and legitimate questions in an open atmosphere. Moreover the top management still has problems in discussing effective solutions with the employers and employed and in making a compromise settlement.

We cannot quite understand why the representatives of the other three trade unions involved has already given their consent to a draft agreement proposed by the management, containing several deteriorations to the current "Swiss contract". It is also not yet clear whether these three unions have members in the LTSW at all and if so, how many?

In the next few days our LTSW members will receive another mail in order to openly discuss the immediate problems in a meeting or by mail.

In any case the SEV-GATA members will have the opportunity of voting on the CLA in the end. Now you still have a chance of subscribing to SEV-GATA (apply for membership under We will continue taking care of your interests fearlessly and with fair and reasonable methods according to our slogan:

democratic & close to the roots; cooperative & constructive, consequent & committed

By becoming a member or taking part in special events and communications of the SEV-GATA you can determine which way the union is going to take. More information to follow.

Swiss: Road to success curbed
Looking into the world of airlines we clearly see: while many companies are deep in the red, Swiss is making small profits and proves that it is still on a sound footing in spite of the stiff competition in the aviation industry. Now the drawbacks of a profit sharing system come to light: for the second quarter no distributions will be paid to the employees due to the low profit margin. We will have to discuss about continuing the profit sharing model carefully in a few months time. Please let me know your opinion by mail to Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

Due to administrative reasons Swiss was not able to deduct the monthly membership fees from the July wages. Therefore the double fee will be deducted from the August wages - plus the performance costs. Swiss has apologized for this delay and we ask our members for their understanding. From September the normal amount of your membership fees will be deducted. If you have questions, please mail to Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

National Demonstration on 19 September: Now we must go ahead!
The SEV alone was able to ensure that 10000 members (including their families and friends) will join the national demonstration against the pension cheat on 19 September 09, 12.30h. Please note the momos on the notice boards of your company. Andreas Breker (Basle) and Bert Füller (Geneva), members of the managing committee, as well as our SEV colleague Eveline Tanner (for Zurich and all other SEV-GATA locations) will be at your disposal for further information. The SEV offers you "all clear" to the Swiss öV - public transport system (GA-day ticket). Please book in advance Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

We demand:
- correct financing of the pension insurance funds
- no cuts in benefits and pensions
- cost-of-living bonus for pensioners

Looking forward to your cooperation!

With committed regards,

SEV-GATA, your union of the aviation industry
Philipp Hadorn, president